Team Overview

SA Hoops ELITE is a program designed to develop student athletes on and off the court. Our objective is to build players from the ground up and provide them with the best guidance and skill development we can. Our program's Head Coach, Javasse Kearney, is an experienced coach and instructor, with over 15 years of coaching and playing experience at every level. We have a structured program with great support, coaching and operations conducted by Rudy Herrera and Mark Brown. SAHE is not just for the ELITE basketball player, it is for ALL student athletes who have a desire to improve their game and play at a high competition level. Going into its’ 5th year of existence, SAHE has slowly began to make a name for itself and will continue to grow and help as many student athletes as we can in our community. We take pride in the principles of our program: Education, Leadership, Integrity, Teamwork, Excellence! (ELITE) Please follow us, join us and we thank you for all the continued support.